Shin Sekai 1

With a population of 2.5 million, Osaka is Japan’s third largest and second most important city. It was the last city that we visited as we flew out from Kansai Airport to Taipei.   Osaka is a big, busy, bustling city, with lots of transportation options. Getting around in Osaka can be challenging at times, given the multitude of train stations (some with very similar names!), and the twisty, turny little streets that veer off the main boulevards. Thank goodness to our JR pass, it made  our trip in Osaka so much easier..

How did we get there? (Transport)

We took a Shinkansen from Kyoto to Shin-Osaka which took us around 10 minutes. We didn’t make any reservation and turned out that there were many seats available. From Shin-Osaka Station, we took the subway JR Line to the main city Osaka Station

Where did we stay? (Accommodation)

We arrived in J-Hoppers which was 15 minutes walk from Osaka Station and 3 minutes walk from Fukushima Station. Not making any reservation turned out to be not okay as all the rooms were completely full. Thank goodness we were recommended to stay at IM Guest House which was 20 minutes trip on the train (ended up almost an hour as we took the wrong train)

Private twin room costs 3,300 Yen (45 NZD) and dorm room with 2 bunk beds cost 2,500 Yen (33 NZD) so we chose the dorm room. Located on level 3 with a narrow and steep stairs, our room was super hot as the sun was shining directly in front of the window. When we got in to the room our beds were not ready and cleaned yet so they were only getting cleaned when we were out for sightseeing.

Although the facilities and price are very similar to J Hoppers, I personally think that j Hoppers is far better off as the interior design is much more homey. Kitchen and living room area are much more prepared for travellers too

What did we see? (Attractions)

– Tsutenkaku Tower

Located in the Shinsekai district of Naniwa-ku, Osaka. Tsutenkaku Tower was constructed in 1912 after Paris’ Eiffel Tower. There is an observation deck on the 5th floor. Eventually the Tsutenkaku, which reminded local residents of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, became the symbol of Osaka.

– Shin-Sekai

Used to be a down town area in he 1950 and 60s. It still did feel a bit old. Fei and I agreed that it did feel dirty even though there were no rubbish around

– Dotonbori

Well known for osaka’s shopping and entertainment area. We stayed in a capsule hotel close to the river 3 days ago before continue our trip to Hiroshima

(Shopping area)

(Capsule Hotel)

– Tennoji shopping area

Apart from some shopping areas in Tennoji Station, we also went to a one of the flashest shopping mall in Japan (Q’s). 5 floors with clothing, accessories and souvenirs.

Tennoji 1

How did we travel around? (City transport)

What I love about Osaka is that the Osaka Loop (subway that goes around the city) is using JR Line, so we could use our JR Pass to travel around the city


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